Friday, July 13, 2012

This morning smells like coffee...and maybe even grass.

This morning I'm sitting on the porch, at the little table in the nook, with my head resting against the stone wall, and my feet propped up next to the door.

This morning has an easy feel about it. It feels fresh and it feels beautiful and a little pretty and magical.  The air is warm, and the breeze is gentle but perfectly cool. The mountains straight across the valley are textured and green and the ones further south are grey-blue silhouettes. The ridge lifts high, far above me, and far above this little porch I'm sitting on. 

This morning feels flawless...even if it's not. Right now i just want the minutes to last, I want them to tick by slower--I want them to last a thousand seconds each instead of just sixty. 

This morning I want a camera that will cling to every single fleck of light, bump in texture, facial expression, every single hair strand being blown, and each crumb from my peanut butter frosted banana bread that's left sitting on the plate…I want to capture it i can see this morning again and again.

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