Saturday, May 12, 2012

happy mother's day!

my sweet momma
Last year I graduated from college the day before mother's day. We joked that it was the best mother's day gift my mom would ever receive. This year I am 1200 miles away from her, and missing her like crazy.

Looking back, there have been many seasons in our relationship. Even though I am so far away, I have loved this particular season. Living apart has made intentional conversation the biggest part of our relationship. When we lived in the same house, it was easy to take it for granted. I talk to her more now. I know her better now. And I think she knows me least I hope it goes both ways. 

My mom has been my nurturer, my shoulder, my hair-brusher, my sympathizer, my teacher, my counselor, my school project helper, my fan, my ear, my editor, my midnight snack buddy, my back patter, my challenger, my grounder, my understander...the list goes on and on. What don't mom's do? They have a job that utilizes all occupations. God equips them with the ability and desire to stretch and do whatever it takes. My mom has given up and sacrificed so much for her three, high{ish}-maintenance kiddos; but if you ask her, she'd say it was a privilege--a gift--a blessing. She'd say it was an honor.

Sometimes it's so easy to under fact, often it's easy to under appreciate. My mom isn't perfect {who is?}, but she has done her best; her and my dad multiplied what they were given by their parents, and raised us in a way that continues building and growing legacy; I pray that my brothers and I are able to multiply what they have given us, and raise our {future} babes in multiplication of it. 

I am so, so grateful for my momma, and I just want to honor her today, even if from a {long} distance. She {and all moms} are a treasure and a gift from the Lord.

Happy mother's day!
Love, Ellie

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