Wednesday, April 25, 2012


So, my best friend came to visit for a long weekend. It was a much needed reuniting. By the time she left, our "twin telepathy" was functioning once again { Phewww, glad to know it will never disappear permanently }. 

We did all sorts of adventure-y things while she was here--starting with getting lost in Denver--which was actually kind of on purpose. We went to Caribou in downtown for our traditional catch-up chat, then drove around trying to find { but not actually looking for } I-25, and found a really pretty part of the city with a very GREEN park { it's so hard to find green grass here }. Then we took a mini--but successful--outlet shopping trip, made a whole foods run, sweated our lives away at hot yoga class, and finished the night off with a 9:30 bed time. 

Friday, I worked, and she hung out at home getting some work done as well. We went to church, then crashed { literally, four of us fell } into my bed with exhaustion...we're so exciting.

Saturday was full of short and sweet hikes, cupcake seeking adventures, staring contests with the mountains, random mom sightings, powerful worship, and fire. 

And on Sunday we went to church, lunch, then decided to do some serious walking through the wilderness. Waldo Canyon anyone? It's lovely. It's long. And it's legit.

Monday was sad...I had to return Kel to her normal life. I stopped at Caribou { again } on my way home, and read for an hour, before calling Mom and crying because it felt like the end of a season. Ohhhhhh, tears, you have a way of disappearing for very long periods of time, and then just deciding to show up in very public moments. Thank you for that. 

So yeah, that was it--short and sweet, and then bitter sweet. 
Love you, Kel.

hope your weekend was spectacular.
love, ellie

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