Friday, December 16, 2011

breathing in the now.

None of us will be here forever. I don't mean that in a metaphorical one day we'll die sort of way. I mean it literally. I won't be 22, nannying full-time, living in Colorado, and just out of college forever. That becomes more obvious as I continue to creep toward my 23rd birthday. Amber, Janae, Ruth, Ashlea, Grant, Zach, JBlea, Stacy, etc, won't be here forever. I have a habit of looking toward the next thing, and if I'm not careful, I will miss this…This sweet time of friends, fellowship, love and learning. 

It's so easy to want something that you can see in the future [ whether it is distant or near ]. But we [ and by we, I mean I ] have to breathe in this time--these moments. We have to take each moment we're given and not wish it away for something yet to come. God puts us places for a reason. We go through seasons, and they're not all "fun," but that's not always the purpose of them. 

I wish I could put into words how much I love this season and how realizing this has made me long for things to stay the same. But you know something, when things don't change we don't change, and if we don't change, that means we aren't growing, and it's very likely that that means we are not walking with the Lord. 

So even though we are to build for the future, and eternity, we need to cherish and grow and breathe in the now. Because if we don't we will miss moments, relationships, a chance, etc, and even more importantly, we will miss the journey God has us on and the testimony He is glorified through.

…And even though things can't stay this way, God keeps showing me that there will be light and hope in every season through Him. Every time Baby-E gets bigger, he also learns something new and will blow my mind and melt my heart with the wriggle of his eyebrows or a crooked grin that will charm me. How amazing to see the promise of God in that sweet little face! Or when He brings a friend into your life who you only know through letters for a season or two, but then suddenly here she is in person. So divinely ordained! The way a baby grows, and brief trips to a magical land are so fleeting. But God is so cool that way. He reminds you that no matter the season, good or bad--one you want to last forever or not--there is more to come that can only be brought to fruition in the continued forward movement of each day and each moment--through living life--walking the path He has laid before you--and breathing in your now.



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  2. I stumbled upon your page while going through twitter friends. and I have to say, you spoke right to me in this entry. i too am a planner and constantly want to be in the next season. the Lord is truly showing me how to have joy in the one i am currently in.