Saturday, November 13, 2010

Countdown: 12 days

It's been a day full of challenges. Tough, but revealing & teaching. Love is such a complicated thing. It's a choice, but it's a feeling, but it's obedience, and it's selflessness, and it's doing what's best for someone else with no reguard for what's best for you or what you want. And I'm talking about every kind of love. Not marriage love, not friend love, not parent-child love, not God's love. All of it. Every kind. If you search for the word 'love' in the Bible, you will find it 686 times in the least according to In Genesis alone you can find husband-wife love, parent-child love, and God-man love. But really, the Bible is a book about love, demonstrated in every word. Yes, there is so much more in it, but it started with a God who wanted someone to love & love Him.

Anyway, I just went on a tangent. I don't remember my point. So anyway, love.

So, today I am thankful for:
1. Dark roast coffee
2. Samples at the grocery store
3. Marissa & Tara
4. Quiet
5. Bobby pins

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