Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Once in a while I find myself lying in bed, not able to sleep. It doesn't happen often; even when my brain won't turn off, I am usually tired enough to flip the switch. Not tonight. I probably shouldn't have had coffee at 5 p.m., while I was studying. Even though I kind of do that sort of thing all the time. Who knows. My heart and mind are full tonight--contemplating so many things. Sometimes it's impossible to turn off the bombardment of "what's next". I'm not worried about it, but I like to think and plan, even the most out of reach's just how I am--super practical, but also a complete starry eyed dreamer. Quite a contradiction, with the potential to be used.

I've been think a lot lately about the future--probably because I graduate from college in 204 days [but who's counting anyway?]--and dreaming about the possible places the Lord might call me to. He has not given me specifics, but He has gifted me and burdened me in certain ways. By burdened I mean "given me a heart for." Until then, I will continue to seek and listen and obey.

The Lord needs people who dream with Him--people who believe the most unlikely things can be done with Him--people who will follow Him anywhere, even when it appears crazy to everyone else.

Obedience to God's callings and authenticity in who He created us to be will lead to a life lived in accordance with His will. We must love the Lord above all things. If we truly feel this way about Him, then there will be nothing that stands in the way of us following Him, obeying Him, and living the life He calls us to. Our desire for Him will outweigh everything else in our lives and we will want nothing more than to live for Him.

"Sometimes I dream up six impossible things before breakfast" --Alice in Wonderland

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