Thursday, September 16, 2010


Classes always seem to assign books that are considered "classics." Since I am constantly reading (i am currently in five literature classes after all), the fact that all of these so called "classics" are really just commentaries, becomes more and more nagging. This is a direct quote from a syllubus for one of my classes: "Literature is not just an artistic medium but a political discourse that shapes public attitudes."

I consider myself a writer. Have I published anything? Not beyond a poem in some student anthology and an article about the library booksale in the local paper. But I do write. I love to write. But I don't write to comment on politics, or economics, or society. I write because I fall in love with a character-their idea, their prospect, their possiblitiy. And the story writes itself from who the character is. But, I can see my beliefs in my writing--even if I'm not writing to push an agenda, they're woven into my work because I'm passionate about them and they're defining of my character.

Loving this song...

And this one...

such incredible messages from both.

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