Sunday, May 30, 2010

here's to...

So summer has arrived, hot hot hot. I think it's already been hotter in May this year than it was all of last summer. One vacation, two weeks of summer classes, and a wedding later, here I am just having enjoyed a Sunday afternoon with my best friend. We drove to get icecream earlier with the windows down and some fun tunes playing on the radio. This is one of our summer traditions. The wind whipping in, cooling us ever so slightly from the heat of the day and the songs of summer surrounding us as we drive. Last Sunday we made toasts over fruit smoothies to what this summer would be to us. It is, after all, the last summer break we will have. One year left. Senior year, the end of college. Hallelujah (best and most often explains how I feel about this fact), but also sad. The realization hit me today, we are adults--we are almost for real adults. I keep saying "oh now I'm an adult" (and I have a feeling this will continue as I hit different milestones). But considering that I just turned 21 in March and having said it then, it almost seems too soon to be saying it again only a year from now. Last time I said it was when I turned 18--more than 3 years ago. But, all I can say is "here's to a summer of living out the desires God has placed in my heart."

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