Wednesday, January 6, 2010


As I begin the new year, I find myself writing goals for 2010. You know, the usual: save money, be healthy, get good grades kind of thing. But I also find that the majority of my new year resolutions go beyond the basics. Every year, the majority of us decide to make a list of things we want to do in the coming year. And every year we seem to make an effort for a few weeks or months at accomplishing those things. But, very quickly we recoil, back to our old habits.

Last year a close friend of mine put things in perspective: "You know, we make all of these resolutions, but only have accountability to ourselves, and rely solely on our own strength to accomplish them. That's really not how it's supposed to be. We shouldn't just whip out a list of things for the new year. We should pray about them and listen for God's input--aligning our goals to His. Having accountability to God, and being able to turn to Him when you need the strength to keep moving toward your goals is what makes them accomplishable."

I'm sure many of you realized this fact long before I did, but for me it was a truly amazing moment, and helped shape the resolutions I defined for 2009, as well as my entire outlook on setting goals. I was reminded yet again of the importance of having my goals aligned with God this morning while reading my devo. When our goals are aligned with God's goals, the results are extraordinary and effect eternity. We just need to have a sincere heart of willingness and faith. I challenge you all to spend some time with God and align your 2010 goals with the purpose He has for you. He created you uniquely--your experiences, gifts, and desires were crafted together on purpose.

"He treasures us. The more we are able to accept His love, the more we will be able to assume the roles that He has designed for us."--Halliday

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